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Barker Mediation specializes in helping people resolve disputes outside of court and the traditional litigation process. This is our exclusive work and expertise. Since 1991, we have successfully conducted thousands of mediations -- from interpersonal conflict to lawsuits -- in a wide-range of situations:

Estates & Trusts
Family Business & Succession Planning
Sibling Disputes
Intellectual Property
Professional Negligence & Fee Disputes
Real Estate
Workplace Commercial Mediation
Employment and Workplace Mediation

We are committed to your success.   We are committed to helping people  resolve disputes, and end the suffering that often accompanies it.  Based on over twenty years of mediation experience and teaching, we offer a proven process that works.  For more information, we invite you to read our Philosophy.  If you feel Barker Mediation would be a good fit for your case, we look forward to hearing from you!